Mind is a new way to develop systems

From a extremely simple code, based on a semi-natural language, Mind is able to generate a complete system, including its database, classes, forms, documentation, etc.

Try this example

  1. All the student have many teacher.
  2. And each teacher has one or many student.
  3. we also know that studend has a name:char(60, needed).
  4. Every teacher has a name:character(60, not null) too.
  5. we might consider: every student has a mother.


With only those simple lines of WML(Web Mind Language) code, Mind 2.0 will give you these outputs (as default, once you can add more by using plugins or different modules):


DDL Code
Data Dictionary
and docs
Classes and

ER Diagram
Alternative outputs

Mind 2.0 will normalize the database implementing all the rules and preparing everything that can my done for a machine, letting you free to use YOUR mind, your creativity to inovate the world, as machines cannot do (yet).

Maximum Abstraction

TheWebMind will abstract the dataBase, patterns implemention, use of any framework you are used to as much as it has a module to work with, views, documentation, normalization and even the programming language the generated system will be born in. More details and possibilities can be adopted by modules and plugins that you can build by yourself and sell or contribute with the comunity.

A discrete programming language

The discrete programming language adapts to the developer. We can improve it due to reach a better efficiency from developers in addition to offer support o code in many different languages. Language which you can colaborate too, developing and translating.